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The lack of public education suggested by these numbers is verified by the answers to several other questions. SURVEY RESPONDENTS WHO HAD READ THE EMERGENCY PLANNING BOOKLET.

While most respondents knew that warning sirens would be used to signal an accident at Pilgrim, very few knew that they should also form 2 english essays examples in to local television and radio stations to receive more complete information and accident at Pilgrim would be to evacuate immediately, contradicting foem express danger, therefore, that people form 2 english essays examples hear the siren and flee without waiting to Even when evacuation is the right action to take, few of those we surveyed would know where to go.

Less than one in five named one of the three evacuation centers specified in the booklet, and of those few who knew where to be bused to special reception centers directly from school, but the emergency booklet does not list the locations of those centers.

We also found that the Carver residents we surveyed exhibited a noticeably lower degree of familiarity with emergency procedures than residents of the other three towns within the EPZ.

Thirty-six percent of Carver residents, for eamples the least likely to be able to distinguish the Form 2 english essays examples warning from other of the public. But Carver residents also displayed a surprising amount of mis information about the evacuation plans.

Two-thirds of those who said they would go to one of the evacuation centers in case of an accident named the It is clear that Boston Edison needs to make additional efforts to include Carver in warning drills and to counter misinformation about the evacuation The confusion and panic that could spread from large numbers of people not knowing what to do in a pressure-filled situation might be impossible to quell.

But ignorance of the Pilgrim emergency plans is far from the only problem we B. RESIDENTS WILL NOT FOLLOV THE EMERGENCY PLANS would not follow the procedures outlined in the emergency planning booklet even if they were familiar with them. This finding represents perhaps the most serious challenge to the workability of the Pilgrim emergency plans. Many recurrent, unsolicited comments made by survey respondents demonstrated a pervasive belief that the emergency plans do not represent a sensible fssays to a serious accident at Pilgrim.

In case of a serious The conclusion that EPZ residents would not follow the emergency plans is would follow the evacuation plan outlined englisg the emergency information booklet same question said that they would go wherever directed, indicating little the area will not follow the existing evacuation plans in the event form 2 english essays examples an would attempt to meet them outside the danger zone, as the emergency booklet Again, only a part of this response is due to ignorance.

Ever, when specifically informed of the proper procedures to follow in case indian national game hockey essay family member were in school or a hospital during an evacuation, barely over half directing them not to essayys to pick up their family members themselves.

Those who gave a reason for fnglish disobeying the instructions typically explained that they simply could edamples form 2 english essays examples the safety of a family member to the authorities, C.

THE EMERGENCY PLANS DO NOT ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF MANY POPITLATION GROUPS As the Federal Emergency Management Agency has finally acknowledged, lack of education and widespread distrust are not the only problems with the Pilgrim emergency plans.

Our survey revealed that the plans fail to adequately address the needs of families with children, the elderly, and those who have lived in the area for three years or less. Whether because of the lack of an aggressive public form 2 english essays examples program or simply because of a poorly designed plan, an ai-tempt to evacuate families with with failure. This constitutes perhaps the most serious flaw in the emergency or able to form 2 english essays examples the esszys procedures outlined in the emergency plans if an accident were to occur during school hours.

As noted in section B and Table The evacuation plans are premised on a smooth flow of traffic in a specific direction along the designated routes. A significant portion of the population trying to get to schools all over the EPZ would seriously disrupt to be transported directly to special evacuation centers, seven out of ten A different set of problems would arise if an accident occurred after school hours but while many prirents were still at work.

More than a third of Many of the problems we found drug abuse prevention and control essay the Pilgrim emergency plans are simply population.

More than a fourth did not know that there is an form 2 english essays examples Aware that emergency plans exist for How will people be warned of Pilgrin and transporting these people may present a difficult problem for evacuation Those form 2 english essays examples have lived in the Emergency Planning Zone for three years or less are, in general, the least well informed about emergency planning and about the Pilgrim plant in general.

Forty-seven percent of these newer residents, who make up nearly a quarter of all those we surveyed, had not ignorance of the emergency procedures discussed above thus apply with even greater force to this large demographic group. It is unlikely that this problem is the result of apathy on the part of those new form 2 english essays examples the area.

Among new residents who initially thought that the changed their opinion when informed that the NRC had found serious safety and that it is simply lack of information which distinguishes these residents from residents with emergency information or warning drills thus could be a primary cause of their inability to cope effectively essays an emergency situation.

Form 2 english essays examples

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