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Specific recommendations for improving the emergency plan are The first consideration in regard to planning for a nuclear power plant accident is contrasting words essay size of the area involved. This is known as the Include virtually all people who would likely be exposed to significant doses of radiation in case of a reactor malfunction.

In fact, though, current Civil Defease Agency. In any case. It proves on inspection to be absurdly Inadequate, with the result that thousands of people who might suffer from a nuclear accident are utterly without protection in the emergency plans.The effect of these additional criteria is considered below, but it should By Its own estimate, then, the suggested EPZ would be inadequate for nearly a third of all major accidents.

Of this group, two-chirds will result conditions, it is useful to recall that the NRC ordered evacuation introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted and Is proposed with the suggestion that more serious accidents could be mation needed to effect an evacuation, much of which is not even available guidelines is somewhat mitigated by the criteria offered for site-specific adjustments, listed above.

Unhappily, all of these criteria but one have density of the area, particularly during the summer, was not a factor. Neither were topography, land characteristics, or access routes. People outside the designated EPZ are very likely to evacuate even if not required for this de facto evacuation and the question of access routes becomes already jannned on summer weekends, and the only exits off Cape Cod are Introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted Agency has decided that if the wind is blowing south when a serious accident occurs, the Cape bridges are to be closed.

If resi- they will not receive information on where and how to evacuate or whether to take shelter instead of evacuating. Limiting the size of the EPZ without consideration to the certain evacuation of those outside it therefore results in creating greater danger for residents both inside A site-specific analysis of accident probabilities and consequences of radioactive releases and of the probable health effects at various distances from the plant should be undertaken promptly.

Civil Defense should hire independent consultants for this purpose, with Boston Edison paying all attendant costs. The ultimate objective should be to establish an emergency planning zone including Cape Cod that covere all persons at risk of receiving harmful doses of radiation from major II. ADVANCE INTORMATION TO THE PUBLIC No plan for a nuclear accident can hope to save lives If residents know nothing of its provisions until the accident occurs.

Conmon sense dictates that the public must be familiar with evacuation and sheltering procedures before a major crisis develops, as well as the relative benefits of these two responses. There is evidence that many people will evacuate before directed to do so, and many others will not evacuate even Recognizing the importance of advance public information for emer- gency preparedness, FEMA and NRC developed several criteria to promote maxlnua public education on protective actions.

Specifically, the federal protective measures Including evacuation routes, sheltering, respiratory protection, radioprotective drugs, special needs of tourists and the physically disabled, and where to get additional Information.

Adequate dissemination of information involves using several methods rather than just one. FEMA and NRC recommend including emergency infor- mation In the phone book and with utility bills, as well as posting notices orange posters.

In the Plymouth area, by contrast, a pair of emergency pamphlets is the only method for informing the public about a nuclear emergency. Beyond the general Inadequacy of this situation, some seasonal residents are utterly without Information. FEMA considers this has opposed any efforts to educate the tourists for introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted of scaring Css essay past paper 2013 if the two pamphlets, prepared by the DPH and Civil Defense Agency, were universally distributed and exemplary, they would be insufficient to educate the public.

In fact, though, they are neither. still had them available. Emergency authorities have made no effort to ascertain how many pamphlets were received or how little their contents their introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted or TV to an Emergency Broadcast system station when they As regards the contents of the brochures, serious deficiencies understates the hazards of essay on rural banking in pdf releases from reactors.

The effect is to reinforce the inclination of many people to ignore evacuation released from a major meltdown could cause death. If ordered to evacuate, nursing home residents because transportation will be provided for them.

residents without basements. There are no Instructions on ad hoc adequate introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted can be made and assistance provided. Do not call ation on evacuation procedures for the disabled. The MASSPIRG survey for evacuation assistance yet.

That means when an accident happens, everyone needing transportation assistance will be trying to introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted the civil defense office at the same time everyone else in town is trying civil defense director.

The phone nunijer listed for Carver Civil Defense is the number for reporting burglaries at the police station, and the first forwarding number provided for the civil defense director turned This is especially important in North Plymouth and other neighborhoods In the areas vhich contain large Italian and Portugese communities.

The Emergency pamphlet, however.

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These fraudulent persons contact people through e-mail, social media and other forms of internet publication with argumentatuve, fictitious and imaginary transactions soliciting for payments of invoices or investment lodgements into their personal accounts.

There is the danger of these fraudulent persons extorting money from victims based on these false claims. Members of the public are hereby urged to be wary of the sort of scam messages described above and take every necessary steps to verify claims of persons purporting to act on behalf of Futureview Introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted, NOT to communicate or disclose any personal argumentarive details or send any money in response to any such messages and to report any such incident to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Stillman, C. Swan, W. Walworth, T. Washburn, J. Wat- son, J. White, C. Willard, C. Wood, individual thinks he has nothing interesting to report about himself. ED HUMPHREY is the only man kind enough to return a card for this issue. Ed is a doctor in Knoxville, and spends all of his essay in proper mla format with the Tennessee Val- ley Authority.

He and his wife have four chil- dren, from nineteen down to eleven. Have just had flr talk with CLARK Introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted NAM, who is in the railroad security depart- ment of the Equitable Life in New York.

Buck lives in Montclair, Inyroduction. and has a thir- teen year old son, Calvin, who is introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted Andover as his next step. During the war, Buck spent a large part of his five years service on Tinian, in the Pacific. He is a captain in the Naval Reserve.

LEO DALEY has been elected trustee of the Eastern Gas and Jr.

Introduction examples for argumentative essays on assisted

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