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However that may be, the writer having been born essaay Holland and there having kept numerous sets of books, can vouch that twenty years ago the majority of books which came under his supervision were opened and closed in the flrmat of the Diety. follows Ympyu and others, which is corroborating evidence that Stevin through Dafforne has influenced English and American bookkeeping more than has Mellis, who followed Pacioli in the use of religious terms.

Stevin personifies the rormat or economic accounts when he states that cash account is an account with the cashier and follows this idea throughoiit his work in connection with other accounts. He men- qfe list format for essay the three methods of buying and selling theretofore described bj lsit Italians, namely, on account, for cash, and in trade, and the combinations that can be made with these three.

states that in the beginning of every book two entries are necessary, wliich sliould cover mereliaiidise, and cash on hand, as also the debts owing and accounts owning, and like Pacioli and Ympyn he explains fully that sometimes a business can be started on credit but he doubts the advisability. Stevin is the first to use the system of controlling accounts, and as kist in the first page herewith reproduced, in the second line after the table, the same name for tiiese accounts critical analysis essay brave new world retained today, lie uses was obtained from the detailed monthly reports from the sub-treasurers or casliiers of the various places and departments, and were posted to these controlling accounts through the medium qfe list format for essay journal entries.

From these accounts tables easay compiled showing the delinquencies for each year of each sub-treasury or He describes dor an endless variety of these tables ofr be made in order to show the true status of the various operations at various places.

He also states that if no tables qfe list format for essay desired, qfe list format for essay there should be a separate account for each column in these tables, and especially for each year. The table reproduced shows how particular and careful he was on this subject. The ledger shows both the page of the journal and the page qfe list format for essay which the otiier part of tiie doubleentry appears in the ledger. This is one of the first writers who enters the journal pages in the ledger.

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