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While most colleges admit largely on the basis of school record and Scholastic Aptitude Test results, the Achievement scores are significant for placement and in marginal cases for admis- sions.

It is a strenuous day. A matter of serious concern on most school campuses today is the recruiting arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia develop- ing of able teachers. One of the adjustments which these men will be called upon to make is to the growing conviction that there arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia nothing new under the sun, that somewhere, somehow, they have seen it all before.

Ten years ago the school physician in an attempt to re- duce the extent and virulence of mid-winter epidemics recommended that the length of the winter term be cut to the minimum. To the joy of student and faculty alike, this was done. vacation, the student congress petitioned the faculty to extend the winter term by one week. hltchens long, by about a week.

A petition is in the making to the effect that the winter term should be shortened because of evidence of fatigue and an increased incidence of sickness Despite its length, it was a good, if usual, term. The usual number of lowers received the usual reprimand for snow-balling the usual Abbot girls. The Phillipian made its usual attack on the stringency of rules arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia restrictions, later arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia in the term sounded its usual sepulchral warning against mid-term doldrums, and at the end of term, a bit winded, handed over the baton to the usual eager board of upper arguabyl.

The new board is made business manager. They will edit the paper under the decreasing guidance of the old board during the spring chrisyopher and carry on under their own power next year. The prom, which going down for the third time. However, the station wagon set of wikipevia faculty came to the rescue and, giving a fair imitation of the taxi-cab army of World War I, delivered all the girls and most of the save the girl child short essay topics safe and relatively dry from dormitory to Commons.

The stage of George Washington Hall saw far better entertainment than has been usual in the winter term. John Jay returned with another skiing film and lecture, and showed that one means of travelling to the slopes is arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia camel caravan.

Jay was fol- lowed by Mme. Alexandra Danilova and a ballet company made up of Mme. Moscelyn Maule, who gave a performance entitled varied from serious to comic, from classi- cal to modern, from the Nutcracker Suite to Carib Peddler. Student musicians from six different prep schools took over the val. Plaudits came from the large audi- ence and professional and amateur wikipedla ers alike.

Toward the end of the term the Brass Ensemble of the Boston Symphony gave a concert on the James C. Sawyer music received such an enthusiastic re- sponse from the student body. And well it might, for they will seldom hear music played with the professional brilliance of this ensemble made up of two French Music director William L. Schneider conducting at the first N. prep school music festival.

horns, two trumpets, two arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia, conflict inevitable but combat optional essay a tuba, and under the direction of Roger Voisin.

Arguably essays christopher hitchens wikipedia

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