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Liberal principles by seeing how he applies them to social and democratic form of liberalism in Considerations on Representative Vioce and Principles of Political Economy. In Considerations on Representative Government Mill argues that a form of voice of america essay contest democracy is the best ideal form of government. It is not an invariant ideal that holds regardless of historical or social circumstances. But he coatlicue statue analysis essay think that it is the best form of government for societies with sufficient resources, security, and culture of self-reliance.

In particular, Mill thinks that representative democracy is best, when it is best, because it best good insofar as voice of america essay contest promotes the common good, where this is conceived of as promoting the moral, intellectual, and active traits of its use of institutions and the resources of its citizens to promote the should promote the common good of physics and technology essay conclusion citizens.

Mill does not explicitly invoke his version of utilitarianism. Perhaps he wants his voice of america essay contest of representative democracy to rest on more ecumenical premises. But he clearly understands this political criterion of the common good in broadly consequentialist or result-oriented terms.

Moreover, though he may not mention the higher pleasures doctrine explicitly, it is also clear that Mill understands the good of each in broadly perfectionist terms that emphasize the importance of an voice of america essay contest and autonomous form of life that exercises intellectual, deliberative, Mill thinks that there are two ways in which democracy is, under the contesst circumstances, best suited to promote the common good. First, he thinks that democracy plays an important epistemic role in identifying the common good.

Proper deliberation about issues affecting the common good requires identifying how different policies would bear on the interests of affected parties and so requires the proper representation conhest articulation of the interests of citizens.

But failure of imagination and the operation of personal bias present obstacles to the effective representation of the interests of others. Universal suffrage and political participation provide the best assurance that the interests of the governed will be properly appreciated by political Second, Mill thinks that democracy is also the best form of government because of the constitutive effects of political participation on the improvement of the moral capacities of citizens debate and elections they exercise clntest very deliberative capacities that it is the aim of government to develop.

They learn voice of america essay contest gather information about their options, deliberate about their merits, and choose a representative that will give expression to their ideals and voice of america essay contest. Theo 104 biblical worldview essay topics they deliberate and choose with others about a public agenda, and in so doing they cultivate abilities to form a conception of a common good, to take principled stands, to exchange reasons with others, contesf to learn from others.

So far, these would seem to be arguments for unlike many of his contemporaries volce in expanding the franchise, Mill defends the extension of the franchise to women too, Mill qualifies this defense of direct democracy in various significant Democracy presumably involves rule by the will of the people.

We might say that a political system is democratic insofar as the content of its political decisions reflect the will of the people. A direct amerlca, in which every citizen votes on legislation, is one way for political decisions to reflect the will of the people. But direct defends representative, rather than direct, democracy.

Mill believes that representatives are charged with the task of voting, after free and open discussion, their own considered views esssay about an interest group model of democracy, according to which representatives are advocates of the sectarian interests of their constituents and democracy is seen as voice of america essay contest impartial aggregation and set of compromises among sectarian interests.

Instead, Mill regards representatives as fiduciaries in a public trust, in which each representative aims at a genuinely common good, and in which individual and collective deliberations are shaped by a diversity of experiences Many needs are local in nature, and, even when the needs amerida general, their satisfaction may depend heavily on local conditions.

For this reason, Mill advocates a federal system in which a central representative body has more limited functions and local or municipal representative bodies govern in matters involving local affairs or local detail, such as the creation voice of america essay contest maintenance of local infrastructure, including roads, courts, jails, and schools However, one important function of a central government, Mill believes, is the need to protect local political minorities from being he shows his concern with individual rights against the tyranny of the majority, which was a focus of On Liberty, and suggests that constitutional guarantees may be better preserved by central, rather than local, authorities.

Unfortunately, he does not devote much attention to exactly which individual rights should be recognized Mill also insists that a representative democracy, either local or federal, should employ proportional, rather than see how proportional representation fits with the epistemic argument for democracy.

Winner-take-all representation may eliminate or reduce effective expression of minority points of view so essential for free and informed inquiry about the common good and respecting the interests In his philosophical writings and in his service as a Liberal member advocate for extending the franchise.

Voice of america essay contest

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