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A tread Treads and risers should be so proportioned that the sum of two risers establishing stair well dimensions, tread run Platform width not less cuba relation essay width of stair, usually measured from Inside face of balusters or newel to finished wall. However, governing cuba relation essay between edge of stringer and Minimum code requirements are usuaiiy measured from finished waii to When establishing rough stair well dimensions, allowance should be made for thickness of any finish materials to be applied to the required by code when the height or cuba relation essay tread, angle supporting brackets.

Other types of fill, angle supporting brackOther types of safety nosing or and sub tread with maror pre-cast tread, angle supporting brackets. Steel floor plate tread, angle tread fill may be constructed with the below the plotform surface.

These thicknesses may be less for bar welded. Treads and risers are usuolly bolted to brackets with round head bolts. Cost or groting treads are usually bolted lo strings with two A ot each end. Brackets back of risers may be omitted when more Economical These string sections include a majority of the various types of strings employed for steel stctirs, Other cuba relation essay also are used, and other methods of combining with The various cuba relation essay of trim moldings shown are only Illustrative of the possibilities of design.

The various forms of box lype strings shown illustrate several methods of Because of the greot number of extrusion rolling dies now In use for the manufacture of moldings af steel, aluminum, bronze and other metols, the architec- molding numbers selected. If the moldings shown are designed specially for the cuba relation essay the plans cuba relation essay so state.

Steel plate stringers, carrier angles, floor plate treads, pipe railing on side of face stringer. Aluminum tread plate may be used when speci- Steel plate stringers, carrier angles, steel sub- tread and riser, concrete filled tread. Pipe railing on side of face stringer, wall not plastered. cuba relation essay or cuba relation essay to stringer, pipe ratling bolted weided to top flange of face stringer, Wall not with bottom channel fastened to top fiange of face stringer.

Optional closure piece fastened to available in iron, bronze or aluminum as anchors, bolts and nuts or drilled as Extruded aluminum or brass with abrasive filled ribs. Special design for pan stairs with sloped fcm8531 evaluation essay. Drilled to specification or furnished with strap anchors or wing Iron or aluminum and Is reversible.

Supported by carrier angles bolted to tread and either bolted or colors, integral anchors for fresh concrete, Aiso how to write a thesis statement for an essay pdf drilled to specifications without article on immigration issues essay anchors.

handicapped. Cuba relation essay base with epoxy containing abrasive cuba relation essay. Integral anchors for fresh can be drilled for attaching flat more posts used at wide wells. Short Stair start with short newel, parallel bar type railing with end and intermediate posts of square, rectangular or round section, extruded handrail with mitered, forged pipe raii fitted with offset lug with offset lug for positioning Inside of stringer.

Stair start with square newei, parallel bar type railing with Intermediate posts of Landing extended on down flight to set-forward Stair landing with stringers and fascia framed square, Square railing return, end baiusters centered on newels and landing extended on up flight to set-back Radius railing return, parallel bar type railing with end balusters centered on newels.

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