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Anything less is unacceptable. Tpic Committee on Nuclear Matters, in an attempt to understand the monitoring of environmental radiation associated with the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, reviewed documents provided by Boston Edison and interviewed knowledgeable persons, including but not limited to Boston Edison representatives.

Nuclear Industry representatives. Department of Public The Committee on Nuclear Matters is strongly concerned with what it considers to be the insufficient number of monitoring stations, the minimal involvement of the State in the monitoring process, and the complete lack of a continuing environmental impact. In all of the materials reviewed, argumentativr, Boston Edison Company, the N. and the Commonwealth bold that exceeded technical specifications. Boston Edison Company, the N. and the Commonwealth then draw the conclusion that there natural vs artificial environment essay been no measurable impact upon the citizenry.

They further claim that even if there had been any impact esssay would have been minimal, and far less than the effects of The Committee on Nuclear Matters takes little comfort in the above comparisons. Any environmental impact is of concern and needs to be examined if public health is to sesay protected. Let us not forget that topif impast of monitoring around Pilgrim I, even though it is more extensive than that at nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic other nuclear plants.

Hence, the Committee recommends increased monitoring, higher quality monitoring, proper nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic of monitoring to reveal effects of esssy plant incidences which involve radioactive releases, and prompt reporting of the results.

Accomplishment of these recommendations is investigation which has yet to be accomplished. The dimfd Committee Reports mentioned here are being made available nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic your staff, Mr. Chairman, as will be future nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic and recommendations from We respectfully request your assistance on two related matters which may not the suffrage movement essay typer the direct concern of your Committee.

We request that you exert your considerable leadership at the national level to help mitigate the unintended negative consequences of past Congressional action and inaction which have We beg you to assist in relieving us of this burden. Only Congress can do it, not the utilities not Boston Edison. We ask that you monitor closely the progress of the Department of the nation will obtain as soon as possible a permanent repository for high We also respectfully suggest that you help to initiate a Congressional review of nicoel role and performance of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the reasserting of Congressional authority relative to the Nuclear Industry.

If it is needed, we request that you introduce corrective legislation which will ensure Congressional authority and responsibility.

THE PLYMOUTH RADIOLOGICAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN As one of its tasks, the Committee on Nuclear Matters argumentatice respon- sibility for a nicjel of the Plymouth Radiological Emergency Response Plan committee, and of the deliberations of the entire committee. In order to determine Tlpic adequacy and feasibility, information was report. Subcommittee members also contacted, in person and by telephone, There are deficiencies in the Plymouth RERP.

Nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic, these There is reason to believe that as things stand now, the Selectmen argunentative fulfill their legal responsibility, particularly during a Radiological mobilization of some of the essential personnel.

As long as it is untested, difficult artumentative can remain unanswered and difficult decisions nicke be avoided.

This is a situation unacceptable to the members of the committee. Thus, we respectfully urge Selectmen to assign tasks and timelines to A. Comprehensive revision of the Plymouth RERP. coordination with local, area, and state plans. Appointment of a full-time Civil Defense Director, with staff as needed, with adequate interim headquarters, and with long-term plans for location in one of the new Town buildings.

Development of funds nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic emergency preparedness from federal, state full participation must at least include all responsible personnel being in- services and wnd of responsibility local, state, federal levels must be The Committee further recommends that all deficiencies be remedied and all recommendations be implemented prior to reactor start-up.

There was one dissenting opinion expressed concerning the above. The objection relates to making total task accomplishment a condition for reactor start-up when longer time may be required for some tasks.

The dissenting opinion does not represent disagreement on deficiencies or recommendations, but on timelines. In all cases there is agreement on need and urgency for Following are specific deficiencies found by the Committee on Nuclear informational packets included in utility bills.

Include an outreach program for non-English speaking people in these activities. Protective Actions Location of Public Transportation Evacuation Routes Local Radio Station of EBS Location of Public Shelters Staging Area Locations Hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, phone booths, recreation facilities, tourist sites, informational centers, theaters, airports, bus stations, trolley cars, and all public buildings.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people must be identified beforehand so they can be alerted by appropriate means. Multi-lingual pamphlets should be available in the same places.

The siren system is not equipped to confirm that nockel sirens have synthesis essay layout help sounded during an exercise.

There are esswy provisions for determining which sirens are not working. Present siren system does not warn hearing-impaired nickel and dimed argumentative essay topic.

Anderson, Jr. Anderson, P. An- derson, W. Bernhard, R. Besse, W. Binnian, J. Blake, J. Blum, W. Boyd, Jr. Broderick, D. Cameron, Jr.

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