We’re Hiring!

My Simple Soirée is adding to our team! We are thrilled to open the position of Associate Event Coordinator and find our newest member of the team. Please see below for more details and job requirements. Deadline to apply is July 5, 2016. 

Job Description:

My Simple Soirée is looking for a detail oriented and creative individual to join our team. Our ideal candidate is teachable, flexible, professional and highly self-motivated. The candidate understands urgency in the fast-paced event world, but can remain calm under pressure making appropriate decisions based on the facts available while maintaining the highest level of customer service. MSS is searching for an individual with similar values not just in business but in life. We believe in a firm foundation of family, faith, and hospitality which enables us to serve our clients. 
Position Responsibilities:

* Coordinating Wedding Rehearsals/Days

* Creating and Editing Event Timelines

* Managing Client Communication

* Vendor Liaison

* Representing MSS with the highest level of professionalism and detail


* Warsaw/Ft Wayne local

* Skype or FaceTime capabilities

* College Degree or completion date in May 2017

* 1 Year Customer Service Experience

* Proficient in Office Suite

* Understanding of Wedding Etiquette 

* Organized and detail oriented

* Creative thinking when problem solving

* Anticipate upcoming challenges

* Devoted to self improvement and development

* Team player and open to direction

* Ability to work weekends

* Ability to stand for long periods of time

* Ability to lift 40 lbs+

* Personal transportation, laptop and smartphone

Non requirements, but preferred:

* Prior Event Experience; portfolios available for review

* Photography Background 

* Variable per event but up to 25 hours, primarily Fridays and Saturdays

* Yearly forcasted need up to 8 events per year. *This is a seasonal/part-time position

* Per event rate + commission pay based on experience

To Apply:

* Email resume and cover letter to: mysimplesoiree@gmail.com

* Must apply by July 5, 2016

Please no phone calls and limit 1 email per applicant. 

Your Role as the MOH

How to Be the Best Maid of HonorFrom the moment your friend switches her Facebook status to “Engaged” you can bet her mind starts racing with wedding thoughts! One of the first things a girl considers when planning her wedding is who will be standing next to her. In fact, I think most girls would admit they have the girls picked out long before they know which guy they will be standing next to.

Not only have we interacted with many bridal parties while coordinating weddings, but each of us has also been the Maid of Honor (and bridesmaid) for multiple weddings, not to mention having our own weddings ourselves. Here are some tips we’ve learned, both firsthand and through observation, which we want to share so that you can rock out in your role as the Maid of Honor.

ONLY say YES if you truly mean it.

Most of you will probably gloss over this because, presumably if you’re reading this post, you’ve already committed to standing up in the wedding. However, this truly is the first step you must take before you can be a good MOH.

Most women don’t understand that being asked to stand up in a wedding is just that- it’s a REQUEST. Nobody is forcing you. When you accept, you’re accepting the responsibilities that come along with it. Too often we hear members of the bridal party complaining about being in the wedding when, in reality, you said yes. It’s an honor that someone wants you to be by their side on their wedding day so if you know you simply can’t fulfill the traditional role of the Maid of Honor, be honest with your friend.

Things to think through before saying yes:

Budget- Can you reasonably cover the costs that come with the responsibility? Most girls just plan on buying a dress, but additional costs may include throwing & attending a bridal shower, bachelorette party, shower and wedding gifts, hair/makeup for the wedding day, and shoes or other accessories the bride requests you have for the big day (ie matching shirts, anyone??)

Life Circumstances- Are you graduating from school the month of her wedding? Moving across the country? Are you engaged yourself? A wise man once said, “Life happens.” And that it does! While you aren’t expected to devote 100% of your attention on your friend’s wedding, be honest with yourself. If you know you won’t be able to balance it all, it may be necessary to politely decline; or, offer to help in a different low-key way.

Help her plan HER wedding day.

Help your friend plan the wedding SHE is dreaming of. Not you. The wedding that SHE is envisioning. Not the one you’re envisioning for her. HER wedding. Not yours.…..

Ladies, you’re the Maid of Honor. You’re her friend, confidant, advocate, wingman, secret-keeper- but you are not the bride. Enough said. 

Be the Maid of Honor she needs you to be

To be honest, most pieces of advice fall under this! Here’s the deal- you know your friend! To be honest, there are sides of her that you’ve seen that her fiancé may not have even been exposed to it. That’s the beauty of a true friend. Each bride has different strengths and weaknesses, different life situations, different time constraints, etc. Your role in Jackie’s wedding may not be the same as that time you were in Ashley’s. Jackie may be an independent, Type-A project manager who honestly doesn’t need you to call the photographer for her ; however, her parents just got divorced so your main job on the wedding day may simply be to keep them apart! Or, your job may literally just be to drink champagne with her on the wedding day and tell her how much you love the dress (Yes, of course youll shorten it and wear it again!)

Listen to your friend and ask her what SHE needs; be her advocate when she needs that extra voice in her corner. When a bride knows she has you in her corner to help her out wherever she needs it most it makes a world of a difference!

Let her cry over spilled milk

I cannot tell you what it will be, but I guarantee there will be at least one seemingly simple thing during the wedding planning process that will push her over the edge. And sorry chicas, but if you haven’t been engaged before, you can sympathize- but you won’t understand. But in this case, your job isn’t to understand, just listen.

When the rental company only has white linens instead of ivory, sympathize.

When the florist can’t get in spray buds like she thought they could, sympathize.

When her fiancé and her can’t agree on the cake topper, sympathize.

When she wants the string quartet version of her first dance and all the DJ can find is a piano version…


​…. And one more thing. Make sure she’s told a RIDICULOUS amount of times on her wedding day just how stunning she is and that her fiance is THE luckiest guy in the whole world to have her. What more could a bride ask for??​

2016 be Wed Bridal Expo

  A few pictures from our booth. Rentals from Maeve Vintage Boutique Rentals. Styling by My Simple Soirée 

It’s a wrap on our 2nd year organizing, planning and coordinating the be Wed Bridal Expo. 2016 was a fantastic year and we could be more pleased with the vendors and brides that participated this year. 
A run down of this years stats:

•Over 220 attendees

•Flash mob

•52 vendors 

•2 grand prize giveaways

•Over 50 door prizes 
 Photos by Megan Renee Photography. Decor by Warsaw Party Rental & Cottage Creations Florist

We can’t say thank you enough to everyone that helped make the be Wed Bridal Expo such a huge success. From volunteers to vendors, it takes a bridal village and ours here in Northern Indiana is pretty awesome! 

Special thanks to our 2016 Sponsors:

Cottage Creations Florist

Grace College

Ohh My! Cakes 

Southern Exposure Photography

Warsaw Party Rental

Runway Sponsors:

Deb Collier’s School of Dance

Glam Boutique

Male Fashions

Megan Renee Photography

Night to Remember

Perfect Sounds DJ

Something Blue Stylists

We’re already planning a bigger and better be Wed in 2017. Look for information in May for how you can be apart of the fun in 2017! 



Unveil Your Story

We recently blogged about the importance of a budget. Today we are going to cover how prioritize your budget to tell your story.
Some of the best weddings and events we’ve planned or coordinated are the ones that incorporate aspects that truly represent our clients. 


Matt and Ali love the lake. They both grew up one the water every summer. It was only fitting that they arrive to their reception on their families’ sail boat. 


Darrin and Amber both graduated from Purdue University and grew up on the farm. Their wedding was a true representation of “telling your story. From the fire pits to the home grown pumpkins and gourds it was an honor to help them create a unique experience for their guests. 

Maybe you’re wondering how do I do this for my wedding or event? Here are the first steps we ask our clients to do.

1. Tell us your story. How did you meet? How did your organization start? What’s your mission statement? What do you do for fun? What words to you want your guests to use to describe your event at the end of the night?

2. Prioritize! What’s the most important to you? Is it the food, decor, entertainment?

3. What can you do realistically do yourself? Or a less expensive version of? Do you need high end invitations or could you do a design from Etsy and print at your local printer? Or could you do a later start time and serve heavy hors d’oeuvres vs a full meal? Maybe your event could utilize sponsorship to help with event costs. 

4. Is it cheaper to buy & resale items rather than rent? Think smaller events. Many times it’s easier to buy linens and either have them for future use or resale after your event. This means pick classic colors that can be reused and fit broader needs. 

We’d love to help you make your event about you! Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you save and create the event YOUR story. 

To DIY or Not?

This week has been all about budgets. Today we are going to cover what to DIY and what not to. 
Here are a few areas we encourage our clients to DIY:

•Favors. You can incorporate your bridal party, parents and in-laws to help. Just keep it simple and keep it personal. Maybe a magnet of the couple that says, “Thank you!” VistaPrint, Mint and Mpix are all sites to pop your picture in a pre-made template. Think of your theme and incorporate something easy into the table decor. 
•Invites. Etsy, Wedding Chicks and Mint make it easy. Find a friend with good handwriting and you can save yourself a few extra dollars by addressing them yourself.
•Buying your own linens. If you have 20 or less tables this maybe the way to go. On average rental companies charge $16.50 per table cloth. If you have colors that are on trend and not specially runners or materials it can be dramatically cheaper to purchase from wholesale linen websites. Plus, you can resell these items after the event and recoup some cost. 
•Set up and Tear down. You always have family and friends that want to help. Could they commit to setting up tables and chairs or tearing down at the end of the event? If so, many times this can save you a few hundred dollars.  
What NOT to DIY:

•Food or Cake. Many venues have strict policies about licensed caterers and bakers or an approved list you must choose from. They do this for your safety & benefit and theirs. Professionals know how to plan, budget and serve a large group. Plus, the majority of food items have to made within days of the event. You want to spend your wedding week with your friends and family, not stuck in a hot kitchen! 
•Photography. Unless your friend or relative is an experienced wedding photographer, it’s best to go with qualified photographers. Remember, pictures capture the moments and details that fade in your memory. 
•Florals. First, they are time consuming and need to be done, if fresh, right before the event. Second, being clear with your florist on budget means they can provide cost effective alternatives for your budget. 
•Planners or Coordinators. You best friend maybe really organized but if she’s not a seasoned pro then you need to stick with a professional. A good planner can save you, in many cases, up to half of their fee! They see the big picture and know how to guide you to the right vendors and ask the right question. They’ll also be able to use their past experience to work with your vendors on your wedding day and address any emergencies that arise.
DIY has become the new trend. Pinterest has cemented this trend “how to” and “5 simple steps to…” pins for everything under the sun. While we love a good craft and saving a few bucks there are many times it’s not worth the stress or ultimately ends up costing more than hiring a professional. 

We would love to help you navigate how, where and if you should DIY in your next event. Be on the look out for a special DIY Bride class we have coming in April. Or,set up a consultation with us today.